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Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS)

Information about sexuality for adults and youth.

Bathing Children and Privacy Issues: Article

Article about children and privacy surrounding bathing and showering.

Sexuality: Family and Community Resources

Information and resources for parents and youth.

Parenting a Child who has been Sexually Abused: A Guide for Foster and Adoptive Parents (Child Welfare Information Gateway)

Information to help parents of sexually abused children respond to their children in healthy parenting ways

Understanding the Sexual Behavior of Children: Part One

Part one of an article by Toni Cavanagh Johnson, Ph. D. about the sexual behaviors of children.

ACT for Kids Reading List (Act for Kids)

Resources for survivors and families of survivors.

Healthy (American Academy of Pediatrics)

Definition of child sexual abuse

What Parents Should Know about Child Sexual Abuse: Article (American Psychological Association)

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