Resources tagged with: Child or Youth w/Sexual Behavior Problem

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National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1.800.273.TALK )

24 hr support and asssitance for anyone feeling depressed, overwhelmed or suicidal.

Sex Abuse Treatment Alliance – Sex Offenders Restored Through Treatment

 Information, resources and referrals for adults offending or at-risk to offend

Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals)

Nationwide Referral for Sex Offender Treatment (Safer Society Foundation)

Referrals for treatment for adults or youth who have sexually offended.

Center on Children and the Law (American Bar Association (ABA))

Sex-Specific Treatment: Article (Child Molestation Research and Prevention Institute)

National Adolescent Perpetration Network (Kempe Foundation for Prevention and Treatment of Child Abuse)

Attorneys for Children (National Association for Counsel of Children)

Free lawyer referrals by state

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