Webcast Archive: Research on Child Sexual Abuse in the Caribbean

Perceptions of Child Sexual Abuse in the Caribbean: Findings on Culture, Patriarchy and Survivors' Voices

Stop It Now! hosted a webcast by Prof. Adele Jones, PhD, Professor of Childhood Studies and Director of the Centre for Applied Childhood Studies at the University of Huddersfield (UK).  Dr. Jonesl presented the latest research findings on attitudes and beliefs about child sexual abuse in the region. Dr. Jones is the lead researcher and author of a 2008-2009 research study on child sexual abuse in the Eastern Caribbean funded by UNICEF.  

The webcast consisted of three 50-minute presentations:

Culturally Contexted Perceptions of Child Sexual Abuse:  An Overview of Research Findings 

Patriarchy, Gender Inequality and Culture: Colliding Dynamics in the Construction of Child Sexual Abuse in the Caribbean

Deconstructing Narratives of Child Abuse (Survivor's Voices)

Read the full report from the UNICEF website.

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