Adult Survivor Resources and Support

If you are an adult survivor of child sexual abuse, you may face many challenges as you engage in the recovery process and heal. The tasks of daily life may sometimes be a trigger for you. You may experience problems with common activities and relationships that other adults who were not sexually abused don’t face. Here are some resources that can help adults face and overcome obstacles that can often result directly from sexual abuse experienced as a child. 

You can heal

Any adult who was sexually abused as a child deserves support and professional help to have safe places to talk about his or her experience, and to begin the process of recovery and healing.  Support and professional help is available through online support groups, with community based peer led support groups and through personal 1:1 therapy.

For partners and friends

If you are the partner and friend of someone who was sexually abused in childhood, you can be an important part of their recovery, and resources are available for help to you as a supportive adult.

Help is available

  • Visit the Adult Survivors page in our Online Help Center for more detailed guidance and information.
  • See additional resources below.