Stop It Now! Celebrates 20 Years of Prevention

Stop It Now!® was founded twenty years ago, on March 29, 1992 by Fran Henry, a survivor of childhood sexual abuse.

Why Stop It Now!

"Many people ask me why I’m involved with Stop It Now!. Many assume that I am the survivor of abuse. I’m involved because I care about children and believe that all adults have a responsibility to make sure that they live in safe communities. I’m involved because I believe that too much time and effort is spent on responding to incidents of child sexual abuse, rather than preventing it before it happens.  Finally, I’m involved because many people still don’t realize (or accept) that most people who abuse children are people who are known and trusted by the child and their family, rather than the “stranger danger” that is too often promoted as the threat to children."

Larry Kressley, long-time Board member

"Being involved with Stop It Now! lets me know that I am supporting an organization that will continue to do their best in preventing child sexual abuse before it occurs. Stop It Now! doesn't rely on band-aid solutions, we actively pursue our goal of changing the way we address the issue of CSA. I love that we are one of the few organizations that works to provide education, information, and resources to families and concerned individuals before children are harmed by sexual abuse."

Sarah Hamilton, former intern and current Board member